Rigoletto, Aalborg Operafestival 2011.

Charlotte Hjørringgaard Larsen

I grew up in Brønderslev in Northern Jutland and developed my passion for music and singing playing organ and piano together with my brother. We both played in the local Steelband and when I was 13 I started singing in the church choir. Occasionally, I was offered solos and it was during this time that I joined my first vocal group, ”Treble” with two very good friends. In the years following, I attended a special folk highschool for performing arts, the Musical Ground Course in Kolding for three years and subsequently enrolled in the Academy of Music in Aalborg.

During my time at the Academy of Music, I took the opportunity to study abroad. I was accepted at The Royal Music Academy in Stockholm for an internship where I spent a year before returning to complete my studies in Aalborg in 2008.

In 2007, I had my professional debut performing in the opera ”Labyrinth of Love” which was based on the ”Songs of Solomon” from the Bible and created by the Aalborg Opera Festival. Here I was fortunate to work and sing with the talented performers Jan Lund, Jørn Pedersen and Charlotte Meldgaard, and not least the actor Rolf Hansen. Since then I have played many exciting roles including The Queen of the Night in ”Die Zauberflöte” at the Music Academy, Madame Herz in ”Die Schauspieldirector” and Gretel in ”Hansel und Gretel” at North Jutland Opera Company, Gilda in ”Rigoletto” at Aalborg Operafestival, Opus in ”Opus and Monster Band” at En Opera and Eliza Doolittle in ”My Fair Lady” at Hjørring Sommerspil. I have also sung in Aarhus Summer Opera's choir in ”Korus' Cabaret” and ”Cosí fan tutte”.

On several occations I have performed as a soloist with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, The Prince's Musical Corps, and The Orchestra Lausenianna.

I'm on the board of the Opera Company ”En Opera” where we primarily create operas for the surrounding regions and I sing in various concerts all over Denmark.


Winner of the soloist competition, Northern Jutland Music Academy, 2008.

Receiver of the Music Price of Opera in Rebild, 2008.